Best Tips & Tricks to Earn Money by Playing MPL Game 2021

MPL or Mobile Premier League Game is the best way to earn money by playing games. This game comes at number 1 in India. It is India’s largest E-Sports Gaming App where you will get to play different types of games. The games are  Fruit Chop, Monster Truck, Space Breaker, Run Out, Ninja Jumper, etc.

In the future, more games can be added to it. Anyone can play all the games given here easily. You get to play tournaments in it. Instead, you can earn a lot of money. To earn more money, you can also make money by sharing the app with your friends. So far, more than 1 million people have installed it.

How to play the MPL Game?

  • First, download the game from Google Playstore.
  • Now open the MPL App, you will see its homepage.
  • You will get the first Option ”ALL GAME”.
  • You can play all the games after clicking on the option of ”All GAME”.
  • You can play all the games. Here you can play this game at any time.

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Basic Tips  to Earn from MPL Game:

  • You will get Token from 20 $ to 50 $ from MPL App.
  • You can play the MPL Game by using this token.
  • You can use the Refer Code.
  • If you share this MPL App with your friends and she clicks on your link, then you get her money.
  • You can play games with that money.
  • Otherwise, you will have to invest your own money to play the game.

Best Tips & Tricks to Earn Money by Playing MPL Game:

  • Refer this MPL App to your friends, you can earn up to  Rs 40,000 to 50,000.
  • You will get ”Spin” option here, you can earn a lot of money by doing Spin here.
  • You will find the option” All Game” to play all the games. By which you can earn a lot of money every day.
  •  You can create IPL Players Team in Super Team Option for actually playing. If the player you choose plays well then you can earn a lot of money.
  • You can also see your old and ongoing tournaments in Chat and Games Option. You will get the detail of the tournament played.
  •  You will get Contacts under this. You can chat from here.

Payment Method:

you can withdraw money through your bank account, moreover, you can withdraw through Paytm, UPI (Withdraw). But keep in mind you must do your KYC verification before taking the money.

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