Dream11 Reviews, Earning Ways & Referral code 2021

We are going to talk about What is Dream11? What are the ways to make money from the dream11 app? So let’s get started.

Dream11 App is the best-earning app for 2021. You can Join over 10 Crore players and earn huge daily cash prizes. 

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app that helps you to play fantasy cricket, basketball, NBA, kabaddi and collect cash to win the game. This business was founded by two men, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, in 2008. There are so many fantasy sports apps/websites available in India today and many apps are still being developed, but Dream11 is the first app/website that has made India such a business trend.

Subject Dream11
Parent organization Dream Sports Inc.
Founded 2008
Headquarters location Mumbai
Number of employees 542 (August 2020)
Area served India
Founders Bhavit Sheth, Harsh Jain

Source: Wikipedia

 What are Fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports are virtual games where you need to make a squad for a match between players from both sides in some real-life sport. You will need to enter a league after making teams that other people like you will still play. The players who will compete in the match will get points due to their results when the match is played in real life and you will rank in the league according to the number of players you select in your squad. The more your teams do, the better you get the chance to win the game.

Is the Dream11 legal?

Dream11 or any other fantasy sports game may sound like other illegal betting games, but in India, this type of game is fully legal. This idea is different from the traditional betting system since it is different. You should use your mind and experience of cricket here to play and win.

How to start playing the game?

  • You can first go to their website and download their app to play Dream11.
  • Click the REGISTER & PLAY button.
  • Enter the email ID and password you can use later for login.
  • You may sign up with your Facebook or Google account as well.
  • Check your email ID and verify.
  • Start playing by joining various free or paying leagues for various matches.

Where will you get money to play the game?

If you want to win money, you can spend some money on the game. But, You don’t have to waste your pocket money. So, how can you save your money?

Dream11 has a referral service where you can get 100Rs when you enter their site with someone’s referral. Bonus cash that you can use to play the paying leagues in your dream11 account. Although the balance should not be deducted from your bank account.

How can you get the free 100Rs bonus?

You must download and install their app to get the 100Rs. bonus.  Because you cannot use the referral system on their website.

Open the app and on the welcome screen select the ENTER REFERRAL CODE option

Enter the referral code there and then enter your email id  and password

You can ask your friend who plays dream11 for his/her referral code or if you don’t have any code you can use my code.


Will Dream11 really give money that you will win?

The Dream11 is a really trusted website where you’re guaranteed to get the amount you’re going to earn on it. After withdrawal, it takes some time to get into a bank account. It can take 2-3 days, or maybe a week occasionally, so you’re going to get your money for sure. But there are a couple of requirements that should be retained.

  • You cannot withdraw the bonus cash which you get for joining or by referring others.
  • The minimum amount you should have in your winning cash balance is 200 Rs. for withdrawing the money
  • Because you are earning from this site, so you should submit your PAN CARD to verify to get money from this website.

Tips & Tricks to Earn Money from Dream11 App:

Dream11 Tips 1:  You can enter the Game Entry 1 day before the match begins if you wish to play the Dream Game. The effect of this is that the quality of your opponents in your community will be poor, which will mean that they have less cricket expertise and improve the chances of winning further.

Dream11 Tips 2:  If you join the Dream11 major league and you believe you’re going to win 10 to 20 lakh rupees from there, so let us inform you that you’re dreaming wrong and you’ve been thinking we can dream. If I only want to play Grand League so you’re not going to be able to gain something from there. If you want to win money in Dream 11, then you enter the 3 to 4 community league in Dream 11, your entry fee is 17,19,35,49,77,89,125. If you sign up for these entries and follow all of our advice, then your chances of winning 80 percent become.

Dream11 Tips 3: Before playing Dream 11, check that this match is happening at which stadium? If the stadium grounds are small, then you should make your team in Dream 11 along with 5 Ballebaazi. If the ground of the stadium is large, then you should make a team of 3 to 4 batsmen and make your team with 4 bowlers.

Dream11 Tips 4:  Select the captain and voice captain correctly. In the match, you have to captain a player who is almost everyone because if your captain is out on zero runs then you will not suffer much because he is the captain of all.

Dream11 Tips 5:  If a batsman opens and after that, he does the same over that means that he is an all-rounder, then you must make him a captain or vice-captain and you do not make such an all-rounder that number 5 to 7 Let’s a bat and I do 3 to 4 overs so you don’t make him captain. If you are good at bowling and batting to some extent, then you can make him a vice-captain.

Dream 11 Tips 6:  Both the captain and the vice-captain should be limited to the opening pair of the teams and the batsman till No. 3. Most of the 3 players of the opening play one of the players in the long winnings, so you should limit your selection to your captain and vice-captain to the beginning 3 players.

Dream 11 Tips 7:  Before the match starts, you must check your team’s playing 11. Most of the time it happens that the player we make is the captain, that player does not play in the team, due to which half your game is over and you lose that game.

Dream 11 Tips 8:  Most of you join Indian sports. Because in this you get to know which player is playing and which player is not playing. Indian leagues like IPL and Indian T20 ODI matches.

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